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What is an Employee Volunteer Program?
An Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) is a company-supported, organized effort that uses internal resources to engage employees as volunteers in the communities in which they live and work.

What are the benefits of an EVP?

Employees, shareholders, community, and company will all benefit because volunteer programs can:
 Strengthen the Company – Successful employee volunteer programs meet core business goals and address issues that affect a company’s ability to operate.
 Develop Employees – Participation helps employees develop new skills and leverage their current skills in meeting needs.
 Support the Community – Employee volunteer programs focus resources on serious needs within your community, like education, income, and health.

Benefits to the Company

 Builds and strengthens brand awareness
 Enhances public image and reputation
 Strengthen trust and loyalty among customers
 Helps with recruiting and retaining quality employees
 Builds employee morale and loyalty
 Provides creative opportunities for professional development
 Provides an effective vehicle to reach strategic goals
 Improves relations with community groups, the public, and clients/customers/venders
 Provides networking opportunities with customers
 Demonstrates company values in action

Benefits to the Employee
 Improves performance
 Increases job satisfaction, attitude and morale
 Encourages teamwork
 Improves cross-functional relationships
 Provides leadership opportunities
 Enhances training and skill development
 Gains additional experience for career growth
 Improves communication between employees and their supervisors
 Makes employees feel better about where they work
 Provides an opportunity for recognition outside of work function
 Provides opportunities for families to be together
 Adds to a healthier and more fulfilling life

Benefits to the Community
 Increase the number of active volunteers providing their time, talent and resources in the community
 Offers direct benefits to community organizations
 Raises awareness of specific community issues (education, income, health)
 Impacts community needs
 Helps sustain good community programs
 Creates partnerships that cross social and economic lines
 Strengthens corporate donations
 Contributes to social cohesion and healthy business environment
 Creates a better place to work and live
 Creates healthier communities

How I help make sure EVP is a success?

 Build a strategic program that is integrated with core business objectives and core competencies
 Create positive attitudes towards volunteer
 Make the program as appealing as possible
 Provide interesting and meaningful volunteer opportunities
 Make it easy for employees to volunteer
 Support their volunteer efforts
 Build on employee support for volunteering
 Ensure employees have a positive volunteer experience
 Recognize them for their volunteer contributions
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